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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Powercord against Discord's Terms of Service?

Long story short... yes. Powercord is against the Discord Terms of Service — but, you should keep reading:

As of right now, Discord is not going out of their way to detect client mods or ban client mod users. On top of that, Powercord does not make any manual HTTP requests unlike certain client mods / plugins, so your client's user agent is the same as a legitimate client. Meaning, Discord doesn't detect a client mod like Powercord. They can go out of their way to start detecting it, but they don't.

Hypothetically speaking - even if they somehow did detect Powercord, users are very unlikely to be banned on sight. It doesn't make sense for Discord to start banning a substantial part of it's userbase (client mod users) without any kind of warning. Not to mention it is mandatory for Powercord plugins to be fully API-compliant and ethical, implying Powercord users can't be banned for indirect ToS violations (e.g. selfbotting).

How can I install plugins and/or themes on this?

In the future, Powercord will have a built-in store in which you'll be able to find and install plugins and themes with a simple button. However we're not here yet so you'll have to refer to the instructions on our Discord server, pinned in #plugins and #themes channels.

Can I install Powercord if I already have BetterDiscord?

No. You'll first need to uninstall BetterDiscord from your Discord installation, and then install Powercord.

Can I use BetterDiscord plugins and themes on this?

Not directly. Powercord plugin and themes format differs a lot and they cannot be used as-is. Powercord community members crafted a variety of tools aimed to make your transition from BD to Powercord as smooth as possible. Those tools are listed here.

Powercord randomly disappeared, is it normal?

It can happen from time to time that Discord releases updates resetting our injection scripts leading to Powercord no longer being injected. If this occurs, you'll need to reinject Powercord manually, simply by following those steps:

  1. Open a terminal and go to where you cloned Powercord during installation
  2. Ensure Powercord is up to date by running git pull
  3. Run npm run plug
  4. Completely restart your Discord client

Why are there no control buttons on the Spotify module?

To control your Spotify playback we use Spotify's "Connect Web" API, which is unfortunately locked to Spotify Premium users. In order for you to control Spotify's playback you'll need to get a Premium subscription.

If you do happen to have a Spotify Premium subscription but you're still not seeing the buttons show up, it might happen that Spotify is reporting inaccurate data about your Premium status and alters the availability of the buttons. Try changing the playback in any way (play, pause, change track, ...) to trigger and update and let us get accurate data from Spotify.

If this still did not fix it, make sure you're not in a private session as we've received a few reports saying this causes your Premium subscription status to not be properly sent to us. Also make sure you do have your Spotify account linked to your Discord account (You can tell Discord to not show it on your profile and not show the song you're listening to in your status, if you don't want to)

Powercord failed to inject, what did I do wrong?

In almost all cases, installation failures comes from missing a step or not taking into account everything listed on the installation guide. Most common mistakes are:

  1. Opening the terminal as administrator (Don't do that!)
  2. Not installing the required tools (git, node, Discord Canary)
  3. Not completely restarting Discord. Discord's close icon on the UI is not closing Discord completely
  4. Not using Discord Canary. Powercord is not available for other release branches
  5. Having an outdated node version (node -v to check)