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Powerful and simple Discord client mod


Powercord is designed to use low to no extra resources. You won't even notice it's here!*

Native Feeling

We put effort in making our UIs look the same as Discord's UIs and ensure high compatibility with themes.

Built-in Updater

Get the newest features, the latest fixes, automatically. We even handle update conflicts for you!

Robust APIs

Develop great plugins with our powerful APIs. We even take care of error handling when we can!

Plugin/Themes Installer

Browse plugins and themes, and install the ones you like by a simple click. All without leaving Discord.


Theme Customization

Themes, redefined. Theme devs can let you make the theme *your* theme through an easy configuration screen.


*Powercord still runs on top of the official Discord client, so it won't magically make it consume less memory or CPU. However, we try our best to not consume even more resources.

What are you waiting for???

Make your Discord spicier. Install Powercord!